Solo Exhibition – ‘LIFE, DEATH, innocence AND GUILT’

13 Jul 2020 | Exhibitions

The latest series from artist Shannon Doyle is a reflection on subjects that have affected the world such as climate change, the extinction crisis and coronavirus.

Evoking emotion with the audience, the artworks are conversation starters, encouraging a sense of urgency to contribute to a cultural shift away from archaic beliefs and attitudes towards change.


Exhibition Details

This solo exhibition is at Tweed Regional Gallery from Friday 10th July to Sunday 13th September, 2020.


Meet the Artist Talk

Shannon Doyle will also present a virtual Meet the Artist talk.

Available from 7th August on the Tweed Regional Gallery’s website. 


Online Workshop – Pandora’s Box

Shannon Doyle will host a free online acrylic painting still-life workshop titled ‘Pandora’s Box’ which can be viewed on the Tweed Regional Gallery’s website from 9th August.


View Collection

View the full collection from LIFE, DEATH, innocence AND GUILT.


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