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Friday 10th July – Sunday 13th September 2020

In this series, Shannon Doyle has considered events of late that have affected the world.

A Climate of Change

22nd June – 31st July 2019

A look into a moment in time when our reality of today can be shifted in a minute, having us question what is real and what is not. 

Critical Escape

The Critical Escape series consists of figurative paintings exploring the concept of “Escapism”. With the street artist as muse, the work explores social and political themes.

Through the Eyes of an Artist Shannon Doyle

Video by Jessica Jacob

“The work is powerful, made even more so by the monochrome grisaille palette punctuated by the touches of colour that fly out and grab the attention… his work puts a human face to graffiti while emphasizing a sense of ‘the loneliness of the long-distance’ street artist and the necessity for anonymity.”

Sandy Pottinger

Toowoomba Chronicle

“Shannon Doyle’s paintings resonate with today’s fine art audience for two reasons; credible craftsmanship and their ability to paint a thousand words. Initially focusing on a concept which he wishes to communicate, Shannon, much like a cartoonist, conjures up the image which brings the concept home, in a flash, in the mind of the beholder.”

Helen Grant

Editor Australian Artist Magazine

About Shannon

About Shannon