Recent Work


exists in its own solitary environment – imbuing a sense of calm and serenity, heavy with symbolism.

In this series, Shannon has done his work and made his reflections – now it’s time for the audience to make theirs.


60cm x 75cm
Acrylic on Canvas

LIFE, DEATH, innocence AND GUILT Exhibition

reflects on recent events that have affected the region and further afield

In this series, Shannon Doyle has considered events of late that have affected the world.

History Awaits
60cm x 80cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Solo Exhibition – ‘A Climate of Change’

‘A Climate of Change’ looks at the changing world we are living in.

Shannon reflects how art is crucial to the time we live in. It is one of the areas in life that continues to humanise our experiences with an evolving world of technology.



A Time for Change
70cm x 90cm
Acrylic on Canvas

After Dark

The Light and Plight of the Graffiti Artist

Equal to his fascination with Renaissance art is his fascination with street art and the plight of the graffiti artist. Shannon’s work in this series is an attempt to combine these interests and painting techniques from Renaissance art with the subject of the graffiti artist. 

Art is Life
120cm x 100cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Critical Escape

Exploring the Plight of the Street Artist

The Critical Escape series consists of figurative paintings exploring the concept of “Escapism”. The work in this collection demonstrates both literal and metaphoric interpretation of this concept. With the street artist as muse, the work explores social and political themes.

The Art of Discovery
75cm x 90cm
Acrylic on Canvas


The Icon of Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly has been a recurring subject in Shannon’s work over the years, often used as a subject to comment on popular culture.

Famous Last Words
120cm x 150cm
Acrylic on Canvas

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