A Climate of Change

Solo Exhibition

‘A Climate of Change’ looks at the changing world we are living in.

Shannon reflects how art is crucial to the time we live in. It is one of the areas in life that continues to humanise our experiences with an evolving world of technology. Along with us all, the artist is faced with an uncertain future with technological advances, each moving so rapidly, we often struggle to keep up. It poses the question, what is the new reality?

Topics come and go very quickly in modern times. Creating this collection, Shannon has given us a look into a moment in time when our reality of today can be shifted in a minute, having us question what is real and what is not.

As with life, as we mature and reflect on life more as we grow with age, so has Shannon’s art. The pieces for this show are powerful. Each evoking an internal spark to have the audience reflect on how the world is changing. What once felt like secure environments, where we saw purity and safety, now bring up different emotions. His works stimulate conversation. They allow people to listen, and to draw their own interpretation on topics we cannot hide from.

Just as Shannon’s own voice is subtle and conversational, so is this body of work. He is not hiding from the talking points of our life as it is today, however rather than making a protest, he is allowing us to all look, listen and decide for ourselves what the reality is.

This solo exhibition was shown at Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery from June 22 – July 31, 2019.

On The Edge

60cm x 90cm
Acrylic on Canvas


Unnatural Selection

90cm x 60cm
Acrylic on Canvas


Life and Death

60cm x 40cm
Acrylic on Canvas


The Scale of Things

60cm x 40cm
Acrylic on Canvas



120cm x 80cm
Acrylic on Canvas


A Time for Change

90cm x 70cm
Acrylic on Canvas


Extinction Crisis

120cm x 90cm
Acrylic on Canvas



56 Lalina Ave 
Tweed Heads West, NSW 24853